There has to be a first entry

Hello fellow blog followers!

I have set out to create a blog that I can share with an audience who loves sweet and savoury foods, who has or deals with someone with food allergies and enjoys reading and creating new flavours in the kitchen.

I have been terrified of admitting I have anaphylaxis to fish, shellfish and peanuts and I hid behind them for many years. I felt ashamed to share my personal struggle to others. Obviously I had a great deal of respect for this life threatening allergy, but …

.. why did I push my personal boundaries and become a professional pastry cook?

That’s right. I chose to work in the culinary field. My passion for food and cooking has been a great source of joy and pleasure to me. Plus I think anyone who knew my personality knew that there were no other options for me. I lived and breathed food every day. But also over the years, many people have asked me how I deal with having anaphylaxis. Questions about management, personal experiences and working in professional environments were topics many people were interested in learning more about.

But the best questions are always, “Could I have this recipe please?”, or “HOW did you make this? Yum!!!”

And that is my inspiration for Fearless Foods! Enjoy.

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