What IS Worcestershire sauce?

Worcestershire sauce is a key ingredient that has anchovies in it. This secret hidden allergen can be found in many store bought salad dressings, marinades and barbeque sauce. Worcestershire sauce adds a huge punch of flavour (so I have been told) because it contains a concentrated blend of vinegar, sugar, anchovies, tamarind, garlic and other spices. You can also find it as a component in Caesar salads, hamburgers, and alcoholic beverages such as Caesar’s (Also note that Caesar’s contain Clamato juice which has clam juice as a key ingredient) or Bloody Mary’s.

  • Many people do not know that anchovies are in Worcesteshire sauce! So do not assume they know this information
  • Always check ingredients in any store bought dressing or sauce
  • I like to specifically ask “Does this contain Worcestershire sauce?” as well as “Does this contain fish or shellfish?”, because if it is something like a burger or other food, it may be seasoned with it. The first question assumes the cook or server knows the ingredients in Worcestershire sauce.

And then I found it. At my local grocery store. Yes…vegan Worcestershire sauce. You got it! It is an expensive little bottle, but a worthwhile purchase for the fridge.  I can see why people do love the stuff, and why a pantry should keep stock of it. And now my hubby, J, is addicted. I think he may have added it to some grilled chicken that he made last night and it was delicious.

Here is a link to the The Wizard’s line of sauces. The company also has a line which includes gluten free Worcestershire sauce. http://www.edwardandsons.com/thewizards_info.itml


2 thoughts on “What IS Worcestershire sauce?”

  1. yer so smart… I LOVE worstershrchrrrrrrrr sauce… will have to remember about the anchovies! Had nooo idea! Does this mean I like anchovies??! Oh nooooo! Don’t tell mom!
    Keep it up girlie! Wheeee!

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