Summer+White Sangria= Delicious

White Wine Sangria

It is my first batch of my white sangria of the year. Every time I make sangria it turns out different because I am always adding in new ingredients, tasting, and then mixing in more of this and that.

White Sangria

You can use any type of nectar and fruit in this recipe. I am fond of sesonal fruit like sliced strawberries, thin slices of tropical fruit and lemons. For this batch I used an Alphonse mango that I peeled then cut along each side of the flat pit in the centre of the fruit.  I was able to easily cube the mango into cubes after removing the pit.

One bottle Pinot Gris

3 shots Triple Sec or Grand Marnier

¾ cup apricot nectar

2 limes, sliced thin

1 mango, peeled and cubed

¾ cup club soda

Combine wine, Triple Sec, nectar, mango and limes in a pitcher. To serve, stir well and add club soda.

White Wine SangriaBe sure to check all labels when buying wine for allergens. It was brought to my attention when travelling in New Zealand that there was “May contain traces of fish products” on wine ingredient labels. In some wines there are fish, egg and milk products used as a clarifying agent. Wine also contains sulphates and preservatives that some people have sensitivities or allergies to. It has come to my attention that it is possible that some wine making companies such as a ”u brew” can include less sulphates and preservatives contained in it. For me personally less sulphates and preservatives helps reduce triggering my asthma that I would obtain after drinking just one glass. (This is my personal experience so please consult with a medical expert if you have allergies or a condition is severe).

For more on sulphates myths and truths in wine, please check out,

For a brief explanation on fish products in wine, check out the first minute of this link,

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