Be Proud and Say It Out Loud!

Understanding the severity of anaphylaxis and allergies is important when dealing with your personal health and safety. It has taken me many years to not be embarrassed about my condition and to not be shy about how comfortable I feel in a situation.

Stick up for yourself. If you cannot be bold enough yet, find a close friend or family member to be your advocate. Their guidance will help you build the confidence you need from within to stand up for yourself.

My personal experience in professional kitchens has made me come into contact with allergens. This was clearly not a safe environment for me but I was determined to have a successful career cooking in a kitchen. At the time I did not let my allergies stop me, nor did I complain about cleaning squid, barbequing salmon or baking peanut butter cookies. I felt very strongly about becoming a professional cook and baker and went against doctor’s and family’s orders not to. I do not regret my choices that I have made in the previous 12 years but I now know that my health and safety comes first. Hiding behind my food allergies was unsafe to myself and clearly put me in danger.

*This is my personal opinion and experience, always consult your allergist or doctor with any questions or concernes about your allergies.

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