About Me

Meet Cat

Hi, I’m Cat!

I’m a former chef and chocolate maker recently turned business professional with anaphylaxis to fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts.  I’ve have struggled with these allergies since i was 15 months old and was introduced to a prawn. My allergies haven’t stopped my passion for food and being in a kitchen. My 12 years’ of professional experience in the kitchen brings a strong understanding of the complexity and challenges that allergies bring to the kitchen. I love to show everyone that they have the culinary capabilities to enjoy and cook food no matter what their allergies or dietary restrictions are. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills necessary to make delicious and safe food choices both while at home as well as outside the safety of your own kitchen.

When I’m not navigating the allergic world I’m cooking in the kitchen for my family and friends, taking photographs and reading culinary trivia. I hope to inspire readers with my experiences, stories and photos.

FearlessFoods is written in Vancouver, British Columbia by Cat


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Cat,
    This is incredible – just like you! I can hardly wait to read your next posting. Thank you so much for preparing the lunch for our staff. If it were up to them, you would be cooking for us every single day!

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